Sunday 25th June 2017
St. Pirans - Inspiring Confidence
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School Calendar
June 2017

Hockey Fixtures

Wed 14th Sep 14:30Hockey v Hall Grove, U10A & B (A)
14:30Hockey v Hall Grove, U11A & B (A)
Wed 21st Sep 14:30Hockey v Chesham Prep, U11A, B, C (H)
14:30Hockey v Chesham Prep, U10A, B, C (A)
Wed 28th Sep 14:30Hockey v St George's, U11A & B (H)
Fri 30th Sep 14:30Hockey v St George's, U9 & U8 coaching and game (H)
Sat 1st OctAll DayIAPS Hockey Tournament at Pipers Corner, Colts A
Wed 5th Oct 14:30Hockey v Daneshill, U11A & B (H)
14:30Hockey v Daneshill, U10A, B, C (A)
Thu 6th Oct 14:00Seven-a-side Hockey Festival at Eagle House, U8A & B (A)
Fri 7th Oct 14:30Hockey v Daneshill, U9A & B (A)
14:30Hockey v Daneshill, U8A, B, C (H)
Tue 11th Oct 15:00Hockey v Chesham Prep, U9A, B, C (H)
15:00Hockey v Chesham Prep, U8A, B, C (H)
Wed 12th Oct 13:00Hockey Tournament at Hoe Bridge, U11A (A)
13:00Hockey Tournament at Bradfield College, U10A (A)
14:30Hockey v Holme Grange, U11B (A)
14:30Hockey v Holme Grange, U10B (H)
Fri 14th Oct 14:30Hockey v Holme Grange, U8A & B (A)
14:30Hockey v Holme Grange, U9A, B, C (H)
Wed 19th Oct 14:30Hockey v Oratory Prep, U11A & B (A)
14:30Hockey v Oratory Prep, U10A & B (H)
Wed 2nd Nov 14:30Hockey v Lambrook, U11A & B (H)
14:30Hockey v Lambrook, U10A, B, C (A)
Fri 4th Nov 14:00Hockey v Lambrook, U9A, B, C/D (A)
14:00Hockey v Lambrook, U8A, B, C (H)
Wed 9th Nov 14:00Hockey v Hoe Bridge, U10A & B (H)
14:30Hockey v Hoe Bridge, U11A & B (A)
Fri 11th Nov 14:00Hockey v Hoe Bridge, U9A, B, C (A)
Wed 16th Nov 14:30Hockey v Holme Grange, U11A, U10A (A)
14:30Hockey v Dolphin, U11B (H)
14:30Hockey v Dolphin, U10B & C (A)
Fri 18th Nov 14:30Hockey v Dolphin, U9A & B (H)
14:30Hockey v Dolphin, U8A & B (A)
Thu 24th Nov 13:00Hockey Tournament at Yateley Manor, U9A (A) [fixture date changed - was Fri 25th]
Wed 22nd Feb 10:00Berkshire Schools Hockey Tournament at Bradfield College, U11A & U10A