Thursday 24th May 2018
St. Pirans - Inspiring Confidence
Wintry St Piran Science experiment Blazers Swimming Pool in action Bugsy Malone 2017 Bell ringing before chapel Running in front of school in the pool Dancing
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School Calendar
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Tue 1st MayYear 6 Leavers' Photographs with Lemon Zebra
14:00Davenies School Maths Challenge, 4 Year 5 boys
16:15Swimming Gala v St John's Beaumont, U9 & U8 (A)
Wed 2nd MayAll DayYear 4 Greek Theatre Day
14:30Cricket v Holme Grange, U11A & C (H)
14:30Rounders v Hoe Bridge, U11A & B, (H)
14:30Rounders v Hoe Bridge, U10A & B (A)
18:30Governors' Marketing Committee Meeting
Thu 3rd May 09:30Year 5 Visit to Buddhist Temple
Fri 4th May 14:00Cricket v Elstree School, U9A, B, C (H)
14:00Cricket v Elstree School, U8A, B, C (A)
14:30Rounders v Bishopsgate, U9A & B (H)
14:30Rounders v Bishopsgate, U8A (A)
16:25Chapel Service: Mr Matthew Fogg, Deputy Head of Pastoral, The Oratory School
Mon 7th MayAll DayBANK HOLIDAY - No School
Tue 8th MayAll pupils to be wearing summer uniform from today
All DayCANCELLED "Choral Chaos" at Stowe School, Chapel & Upper School Choirs
16:15Swimming Gala v The Oratory Prep, U11 & U10 (H)
Wed 9th May 13:00 to 16:00The Marist Biathlon, U11 & U10 Girls (A)
14:30Cricket v St George's, U11A & U10A (A)
14:30Cricket v St George's, U11B & U10B (H)
14:30Cricket v Lambrook, U10C (H)
14:30Rounders v Oratory Prep, U11A & B (A)
14:30Rounders v Oratory Prep, U10A & B (H)
Thu 10th May 13:00 to 16:00The Marist Biathlon, U9 & U8 Girls (A)
19:00Mill on the Brue Information Evening for current Year 3 parents
Fri 11th May 14:00Cricket v Crosfields, U9A, B, C, D (A)
14:30Cricket v Bishopsgate, U8A, B, C (H)
14:30Rounders v Holme Grange, U9A & B (A)
14:30Rounders v Holme Grange, U8A & B (H)
16:25Chapel Service: preacher to be confirmed
17:15South Africa exchange pupils' farewell BBQ
Sat 12th May 09:45 to 12:00OPEN MORNING
10:30 to 11:30Middle School Coaching Morning
Sun 13th MaySouth Africa exchange pupils leave
Mon 14th May 13:10Eco Parliament Meeting
16:30Swimming Gala v Eagle House, U11, U10, U9, U8 (A)
18:00 to 21:00Year 6 Parents' Evening
Tue 15th May 09:00Whole School Photograph
09:00Whole School Photograph
16:00Swimming Gala v Brockhurst & Marlston, U11, U10, U9, U8 (A)
17:00Tennis v Papplewick, U11 (A)
Wed 16th MayRounders v Hall Grove, U10A, B, C (A)
09:00 to 12:30Year 6 Visit to Mosque and Gurdwara
14:00Cricket v Claires Court, U10A, B, C (H)
14:30Cricket v Claires Court, U11A, B, C (A)
16:30 to 18:30Year 6 Parents' Afternoon
18:30Governors' Building Committee Meeting
Thu 17th MayAll Day3MW and 3W Visit to Hughenden
09:00Nursery Group Photograph with Lemon Zebra
16:30Tennis v Binfield Tennis Club, U11 (H)
Fri 18th MayAll DayLatin Cultural Visit to St Albans for Year 6 Latin group
14:00Rounders v Hoe Bridge, U9A & B (A)
14:30Cricket v Daneshill, U8A & B (A)
14:30Cricket v Daneshill, U9A & B (H)
16:25Chapel Service: Mrs Marina Gardiner-Legge, Headmistress, Heathfield School
Sat 19th MayAll DayIAPS Trampolining Competition at Royal Russell School, Croydon U11, U10, U9/8
Sun 20th May 14:00 to 17:00Past Pupils' Mixed Rounders
Mon 21st May 14:30Athletics v Holme Grange, U11, U10, U9, U8 Boys and Girls
19:00Osmington Bay Parents' Information Evening for current Year 4 Parents
Tue 22nd May 16:15Swimming Gala v Lambrook, U9, U8, U7 (H)
20:00St Piran's Society Committee Meeting
Wed 23rd MayPresentation for Year 6 - "Moving on" with Wayne Dixon
14:30Rounders v Bishopsgate, U11A & B (A)
14:30Rounders v Bishopsgate, U10A & B (H)
18:30Governors' Education Committee Meeting
Thu 24th MayHalf term begins at the end of the school day
All Day3J Visit to Hughenden
06:30 to 21:45Year 5 day trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer
Fri 25th MayAll DayInset Day - No School
Tue 29th May 08:45 to 14:00St Piran's Golf Day at Winter Hill for staff and parents