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July 2018
Welcome to St Piran's Maidenhead

Middle School

Years 3 and 4 are known as Middle School and are to be found in the main building of the school. There are three classes with a maximum of 18 pupils in each year group. The Head of Middle School is a Year 3 teacher who sits on the Senior Management Team and so is aware of decisions made in school policies and the ways in which they can be implemented in her area of the school.

Throughout their time in Middle School, pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential across the whole range of traditional subjects. They are also given opportunities to develop their abilities in art, music, ICT, technology and to participate in poetry and acting Performances.

In Middle School the class teacher is responsible for teaching English, mathematics (in sets), science, history, geography, art, DT and PSHCE. In this year the children have specialist teachers for French, music, RE, ICT, games, PE and swimming.

School trips, closely linked with the curriculum topics being covered, are organised each term for the year groups.

During their time in Middle School it is hoped that pupils will develop an ability to work independently on a wide range of homework tasks outside school hours. By way of example this may consist of reading, learning spellings, practising multiplication tables or completing a numeracy / literacy task linked to the curriculum. Pupils are assessed for effort each week in subject areas which are in turn fed back to parents by way of an Industry Card.