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Past Pupil photos and 1960s prospectus

We have uploaded a St Piran's prospectus from the 1960s which shows how the school has changed over its time, but yet still retains many similarities. The uniform for the boys included tweed suits, handkerchiefs and garters and each boy was allowed 1s 8d to spend weekly in the tuck shop! Click here to take a look

Past Pupil Ed Davis has posted some photos of his time at St PIran's from 1960-64. 
Details to accompany the photos are below. Click on the GALLERY HERE!
From collection of Ed Davis  
1. Hockey 1st XI, Easter 1964 
(b) Hayland, Davis, Evans, Clay, Hodges, Knight, Hatt 
(f) Bond, Sawyer, Mr Tippet, Gordon (c), Col Morris, Pope, Clark  
2. Shooting VIII, Easter 1964 
(b) Ackerman, Clark, Pope, Callendar 
(m) Gordon (c), Maj Harston, Davis 
(g) Hodges, Miles  
3.Cricket 1st XI, Summer 1964 
(b) Hayland, Bond, Whitworth, Evans, Le Quesne, Knight 
(f) Brown, Sawyer, Mr Tippet, Davis (c), Col Morris, Hodges, Haigh  
4. Cricket 1st XI, Summer 1961 
(b) Davis,……, Taylor, Whitworth, Gordon, Sawyer 
(f) Smitham, Peat, Mr Tippet, Wilkinson (c), Maj Harston, Musson, T-Smith 
5.Cricket, Under 11, First XI, Summer 1961 
(b) Jewell, Brown, Gavin, Manstead, Breakspear, Salmon 
(f) Gordon, Baylis, Mr Turing, Smitham (c), Mr Jonas, Davis, Sawyer 
6.Cricket, Under 11, First XI, Summer 1960  
(b) …, Peat, Farnfield, Baylis, Musson, Osborne 
(f) Smitham, Wilkinson, Mr Turing, Tippet (c), Mr H (French teacher), T-Smith, Davis 
7.  School Photo, Summer 1963  
Teachers include: Hughes, Owen, Harston, Tippet, Price, Jonas, Mrs Kelsey, MacGregor, Coombes
8. School Photo, Summer 1962  
9. School Photo, Summer 1961  
10. School Photo, Summer 1960  
11. Rugby 2nd XV, Christmas Term 1962 
(b) Baylis, Cusack, Manstead, Medcalf ?, Breakspear, 
(m) Clark, Bliss, Mr MacGregor, Collins (c), Mr Coombes, Orme, Hayland 
(f) Davis ,Griffith-Jones, Hodges, Gordon  
12. Rugby 2nd XV, Christmas Term 1963  
(b) Miles, Parrott, Edwards, Gavin, Ackerman, Castle 
(m) Carstairs, Davis, Col Morris, Baylis (c), Mr Coombes, Trimble ?, Hodges 
(f) Haigh, Salmon, Pope, Hatt
13. Cricket, Fathers v Boys, Summer 1961  
Mr Tippet (second from left, back row); in the middle, Musson, Mr Freddie Brown (in his England sweater), Wilkinson. In the front, T-Smith, Smitham, Sawyer, Davis, Whitworth.  
14. Shooting VIII, Christmas 1963  
(b) Trimble ?, Salmon, Davis, Clark 
(f) Gordon, Baylis, Maj Harston, Jewell (c), Smitham
15. Cricket  XI, Summer 1964  
Informal: Knight, Le Quesne, Bond, Salmon, Mr Tippet, Sawyer, Callendar, Davis, Evans, Hodges, Col Morris, Whitworth, Haigh, and Brown 
16. French Cricket; during free time, 1962? 
Musson, Hodges, Carver (with the bat), Hatt.  
Ed Davis,